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Eight Steps to Create the Lion Mindset in 2017

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hi-res-lionJanuary is a time that mentally you are all systems go.  You are dissatisfied with the major domains of your life such as relationships, career path, health, physique, lac of recreation, desire for personal development, improved finances, greater spirituality, and more autonomy of your time. This major inertia at the start of a new year makes people change jobs, get a gym membership, create a budget, buy a self-help book, attend seminars, drop a stagnant relationship, etc.

To stay focused on your end game requires a “Lion’s Drive.” This vision is the absolute commitment to do whatever it takes to reach your objective, be what it be.  Recent research suggests that less than 10% ever reach their new year’s resolutions. Let me help you stack the odds in your favor.

The following model will take you from thinking > planning> doing > re-doing > having or reaching your outcome > enjoying.

Step 1. Decide what you want. State this bottom line result as a positive of what you “lust for or desire” as opposed to what you don’t want. The mind only responds and processes the images you give it. Create your plan and work your plan as action is eloquence. Walk your talk so you create gravity to bend divine gravity in your favor.
Step 2. What will having this do for you? Answering this question takes you to another level that will give you other options to getting what you are after. For example having more money gives you greater choices. Think of money as frozen pleasure you can always use. The key is to make it.
Step 3. How will you know when you have achieved your outcome? What time frame is involved? Describe your sweet spot (target) using all the five senses. How will you know you have achieved your outcome? What will you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel? This step activates your conscious processes that prime the unconscious mind.
Step 4. What stops you from already having this outcome?
Step 5. What resources, specialized training, coaching, mentoring, etc., will you need?
Step 6. Imagine already having what you are after. What was the first step you took? What were the subsequent steps you took until you got your Lion’s share of the prize?
Step 7. Use Cartesian logic to develop clarity for what you are pursuing. What happens if you get what you want? What happens if you don’t get what you want? What does not happen if you get what you want? This next one is a mind bender. However, it will flush out any deeply seated traps. What does not happen if you don’t get what you want?
Step 8. Do you still want it? At this point, you should have a realistic idea of what it will take to get your outcome. Some re-decide that it’s not worth the time, effort, or investment. At least you can discard something that is just a pipe dream, and you have no intention of grinding for it daily.
Finally here are some best practices to keep in mind as you move forward with your plans.

  • Break down what you want into small, doable steps. In this case less is more
  • Keep your goals private,unless you have a trusted confidant that will encourage you as naysayers torpedo them. Find your Lion Pride that is of the same mindset to support you.
  • Be realistic, you have finite time, energy, and resources. So prioritize what your bottom lines are that you will positively do what it takes to reach.
  • Keep your stinking thinking under control. When things don’t go as planned, many develop negative thinking and talk themselves out of pursuing big dreams. If you have an inner critic whose voice is it? Many find that it’s the voice of a critical parent. If this is the case, that voice usually is trying to protect you from a perceived harm. Assure that inner voice you can handle and give it a new role, your personal coach to motivate you.
  • Put yourself first. Stop doing everything for everyone else that you never have time for yourself. Get out of the sheep mentality. When you take great care of yourself, you become a better caretaker of your loved ones.
  • Seek like-minded goal oriented persons that can inspire you and that you can learn from.
  • Reward yourself with small gains. No one will ever treat you better than you. So learn to be your best cheerleader.

Happy opportunity hunting in 2017



Written by Victor Escalante

January 27, 2017 at 11:32 am

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