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Eight Steps to Create the Lion Mindset in 2017

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hi-res-lionJanuary is a time that mentally you are all systems go.  You are dissatisfied with the major domains of your life such as relationships, career path, health, physique, lac of recreation, desire for personal development, improved finances, greater spirituality, and more autonomy of your time. This major inertia at the start of a new year makes people change jobs, get a gym membership, create a budget, buy a self-help book, attend seminars, drop a stagnant relationship, etc.

To stay focused on your end game requires a “Lion’s Drive.” This vision is the absolute commitment to do whatever it takes to reach your objective, be what it be.  Recent research suggests that less than 10% ever reach their new year’s resolutions. Let me help you stack the odds in your favor.

The following model will take you from thinking > planning> doing > re-doing > having or reaching your outcome > enjoying.

Step 1. Decide what you want. State this bottom line result as a positive of what you “lust for or desire” as opposed to what you don’t want. The mind only responds and processes the images you give it. Create your plan and work your plan as action is eloquence. Walk your talk so you create gravity to bend divine gravity in your favor.
Step 2. What will having this do for you? Answering this question takes you to another level that will give you other options to getting what you are after. For example having more money gives you greater choices. Think of money as frozen pleasure you can always use. The key is to make it.
Step 3. How will you know when you have achieved your outcome? What time frame is involved? Describe your sweet spot (target) using all the five senses. How will you know you have achieved your outcome? What will you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel? This step activates your conscious processes that prime the unconscious mind.
Step 4. What stops you from already having this outcome?
Step 5. What resources, specialized training, coaching, mentoring, etc., will you need?
Step 6. Imagine already having what you are after. What was the first step you took? What were the subsequent steps you took until you got your Lion’s share of the prize?
Step 7. Use Cartesian logic to develop clarity for what you are pursuing. What happens if you get what you want? What happens if you don’t get what you want? What does not happen if you get what you want? This next one is a mind bender. However, it will flush out any deeply seated traps. What does not happen if you don’t get what you want?
Step 8. Do you still want it? At this point, you should have a realistic idea of what it will take to get your outcome. Some re-decide that it’s not worth the time, effort, or investment. At least you can discard something that is just a pipe dream, and you have no intention of grinding for it daily.
Finally here are some best practices to keep in mind as you move forward with your plans.

  • Break down what you want into small, doable steps. In this case less is more
  • Keep your goals private,unless you have a trusted confidant that will encourage you as naysayers torpedo them. Find your Lion Pride that is of the same mindset to support you.
  • Be realistic, you have finite time, energy, and resources. So prioritize what your bottom lines are that you will positively do what it takes to reach.
  • Keep your stinking thinking under control. When things don’t go as planned, many develop negative thinking and talk themselves out of pursuing big dreams. If you have an inner critic whose voice is it? Many find that it’s the voice of a critical parent. If this is the case, that voice usually is trying to protect you from a perceived harm. Assure that inner voice you can handle and give it a new role, your personal coach to motivate you.
  • Put yourself first. Stop doing everything for everyone else that you never have time for yourself. Get out of the sheep mentality. When you take great care of yourself, you become a better caretaker of your loved ones.
  • Seek like-minded goal oriented persons that can inspire you and that you can learn from.
  • Reward yourself with small gains. No one will ever treat you better than you. So learn to be your best cheerleader.

Happy opportunity hunting in 2017



Written by Victor Escalante

January 27, 2017 at 11:32 am

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Unconscious Mind: the force that goes with you

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Dr. ZeigIf you have ever observed someone that is extra-ordinary at doing something, you are witnessing a high performance trance state. Some examples of this are, outstanding musicians, athletes, chefs, speakers, writers, litigators, and others. If you look closely at their eyes, their vision is out of focus because their primary attention is inside their mind and body. They enter into “The Zone” where they operate at their peak. In this high performance state, they fire on all cylinders and they can do no wrong. They are completely congruent; all their inner systems are in alignment working in the right sequence or simultaneously. Years of practice have created a wiring of their neurology and muscular body that what they do is done unconsciously, or without thinking about it. This is a relaxed alert state where time is distorted to slow down or speed up.

When you engage the conscious mind at a task you are very clumsy and it seems difficult. The conscious mind can only process 7 bits of information plus or minus 2. That means that at the most 9 and at the least 5 but your unconscous mind up to 30 billion bits per second. Think of when you first tried to learn to drive a standard shift vehicle. You were only managing, 1.) focus on the road, 2.) the steering wheel, 3.) the clutch, and the 4.) gear shift. Recall how difficult it was at first to know the sequence for taking off, turning, or stopping and all you were doing was managing 4 primary steps. After extensive practice, you could get behind the wheel without thinking about it. That was an operational trance state where you processed hundreds of bits of information automatically without thinking about it.

The unconscious mind is your loyal servant and it will act on any command you give it unless it determines that it’s not good for you. If that’s the case it will run self sabotaging patterns. The unconscious mind does not know the difference between that which is imagined and that which is real. It will react with all the body sensations in the same way. Your greatest strengths and vast amount of resources all lie in the unconscious mind. I became highly interested in this field three decades ago and went on to be certified in clinical hypnosis by Dr. Jeffery Zeig one of world’s most renowned psychologists and clinical hypnotists.

I’ve used my knowledge in designing highly successful advertising campaigns, producing radio talk shows, writing, coaching athletes, and executives, removing PTSD and other remedial applications, as well as peak performance conditioning.

Join us on Wednesday at 2p.m. CST for a Blab session to listen how I helped a dentist overcome his fear of going broke and how I did it. If you have any question you want to ask me I will gladly share with you my knowledge. May The Force Be With You!

Written by Victor Escalante

January 11, 2016 at 4:11 am

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Sub-Modalities the Key to Motivation

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The power of imagination has been known for centuries. Every great philosopher has opined about the capacity of man to imagine and create a better world. In fact scientists credit the area of the brain called the pre-frontal cortex (the location that drives imagination) with being one of the most important advantages of human evolution.

Every great athlete and top achiever knows the power of visualization to juice up their neurology and motivation. The unconscious mind closely associated with the right brain does not know the difference between something you imagine and something that is real. That’s right, your brain and all your body mechanisms are easily fooled into thinking of a visual image as being real. To illustrate try the following experiment; visualize cutting a juicy yellow lemon and imagine biting into the meaty part.

If you are like most people, your mouth waters and your lips pucker up in response to the mental exercise. Your body begins a biochemical chain reaction to prepare for and adjust to the spike in citric acid. Every single material invention had its start as an idea in the inventor’s mind. This is why the power to visualize your goals and heart’s desire is so important. This is easy to say but not so easy to do if you never learned how to visualize.

Our mind responds to the input from our five senses. People fall into one of 3 general categories of a preferred or dominant modality, visual, kinesthetic (or feeling), and auditory. In America 60% of the population are visually oriented with 20% auditory and 20% kinesthetic. Visual people have a movie screen in their mind constantly running to process and execute tasks. Research has demonstrated that at times these mechanisms malfunction, especially from major emotional hits in life.

Over the years, I’ve worked with individuals to help them re-calibrate their minds. If you want a quick boost to your motivation let me give you some tips. Imagine you are sitting in your favorite theater and visualize yourself inside the movie screen accomplishing one of your goals. See it from start to finish. Now re-run the exact same movie but now visualize it in I-Max size with surround sound hearing the Rocky theme song. Make the colors very vibrant and sharply in focus. See yourself bigger than life, being congratulated or reaching a milestone that lets you know you succeeded.

These are the sub-modalities or subset of elements of the visual channel of your mind. Learning to run your brain is essential to have sustained and progressive success. If you don’t, by March your new year’s resolution of a new fit physique will be represented in your mind in black and white, out of focus, and about the size of a small TV. Not very motivating and your brain represents that as not being real. The take away is learning to run your brain can have a huge pay off in 2016.

Written by Victor Escalante

January 5, 2016 at 5:14 am

Preparation of Mind a Requiste of Success

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“If you want to be truly successful invest in yourself to get the knowledge you need to find your unique factor. When you find it and focus on it and persevere your success will blossom.” Sydney Madwed

mindAs you peer into the horizon of a new year all kinds of possibilities are there for you to create, grab, or collaborate with others to achieve your heart’s desire. You may be filled with optimism and the drive to make it happen with your New Year’s list of resolutions. What are the odds of you claiming 2016 as your banner year? That number is dependent on your preparation. In general, for the masses less than 10 % can truly claim come December that 2016 was a stellar success.

Continued and long term success does not happen in a vacuum or by accident, it has a definite structure. One of the biggest factors, if not the most important thing, is how you run your brain. Since your mind didn’t come with an owner’s manual, it’s imperative you learn how it works and how to run it like a super computer that it is.

While the masses are addicted to taking selfies and living in a virtual bubble, success is there for the taking of do-ers who are committed to the absolute desire to “go-for-it.” The super achievers have the same drives and desires as the masses, they just happen to have a different playbook and focus to play the game of life. In my experience, they are very discriminating to seek out the knowledge of the difference that makes the difference. In plain English they are after the knowhow of the winning edge. The pursuit of the unfair advantage to succeed effortlessly. Let me illustrate this for you.

Years ago a famous attorney came to me to help him overcome his fears of expanding his practice to other large Texas cities. In his mind he equated expansion to a gamble where he placed all his chips on the table and he stood to lose everything he had, if he failed. He had already hired other consultants to help him and his fears were bigger than any solution he threw at them. In my mind it was a no brainer, he was a self made millionaire with a large war chest to open up a satellite office and be an instant success. This attorney was after that illusive magic bullet to help him beat this fear that had dominated him for 15 years of planning his expansion.

After a major intervention he had clarity and complete congruency to go forward. I traveled to the first target city, San Antonio. I met with all media to create a media plan. I did a market study to identify the major competitors. I located an ideal office space and vendors he would need to launch. The complete playbook was there for him to pull the trigger. Within a couple of weeks I could see this was still too much of a stretch so I told him he needed to open up another office within the same city. The strategy was simple; this would be his pilot launch to learn in his own backyard all the logistical nuances of an expansion.

On the day of the launch we did a radio remote broadcast on a talk show I produced for him. The new office was a runaway success. It was opened in the heart of his largest demographic. New and established clients preferred that office rather than drive across town. In less than a year that office was doing more business than his central office. Jerry valued expert advice paying top dollar for it and running with it. He knew the difference that made the difference. Others who don’t know that they don’t know how to run their brain will not even invest in a book, a seminar, a continued study of how their mind works. They are the masses driven by impulse and controlled by the herd mentality of their social circle.

The take away is, learn to run your brain or pay the price of others running it for you. A successful mindset requires preparation. Preparation requires study and or a coach or mentor. To  your success, happy be-ing and do-ing.

Written by Victor Escalante

January 2, 2016 at 1:26 pm

Parra twin brothers create Art with Cold Brews

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“The purpose of art is washing the dust off of daily life off our souls.“ Pablo Picasso

Art is a powerful force that feeds some of the primal needs we have as human beings. A couple of these that are obvious are; art helps us find purpose and meaning and the need to be a part of the community and making a contribution.

Darlen De Leon pictured on the right.

Darlen De Leon pictured on the right.

To this end, the Parra twin brothers came up with a novel idea of creating a traveling art display. They call themselves the Art Rebels. Recently they got on my radar so I had to go check out their traveling display. As it turned out, I got to interview some people that turned out for the first time, an art buyer and the Parra Twins.

First how did they come up with the name, Art Rebels? Their response, “Art is a form of messaging that may not fit the conventional main stream ideology. Art is not bound by norms or confined to palatial museums. Our motif for displays is very rustic, used freight palates, that in and of itself is a statement.”

DisplayOn a Sunday Afternoon, I asked one of the art lovers, Darlen De Leon, what made her come out to check out the art exhibit. A first generation immigrant from Latin America she said she just felt she needed to experience a reconnection with Latino art. Why? Well she works in a work environment feeling disconnected from a higher purpose. She lives a sanitized existence where she strives hard to do a good job while aspiring to climb the authority hierarchy leading to more opportunities.
One art buyer I spoke with, told me she just had to have one painting for a new house she is building. Her vision was glued to one particular painting that just called out to her. She explained how she is the art decorator and that her husband just had to love the painting also.

One other important element of the display is, Gracie Chavez, a DJ who plays music that is synchronistic with the venue and the art on display. It’s like she gives a voice to the art exhibition.
The Parra Twins are serial creators of community projects that they heavily promote on all their social media platforms. Currently, they are scoping out a new bar to showcase their art. It’s well worth you check out this “Art with Cold Brews .“

Stay tuned for something very big happening in the Latino art community. The Parra twins are one of the promoters and supporters of this venue.

Written by Victor Escalante

October 5, 2015 at 12:14 am

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Customer Service: Take Care of the Customer or Your Competitors Will

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Customer service is the mantra of the current market. Discriminating consumers, as well as a competitive market place, have forced many businesses to drum the need for excellent customer service into each and every employee. Take my recent experience, for example.

jesus3My over forty eyes made it necessary to purchase eye glasses. Jesus Cardenas, a representative at a local optical store, greeted me with “You have great insurance!” I could not help but to raise my eyebrows in surprise. A competitor just up the street had just informed me how lousy my insurance was! A successful business knows that the customer is king.

The motto of a fiercely competitive marketplace is “If you don’t sell them, your competition will!” History teaches us how many an advertising campaign has gone down in flames due to poor customer service from apathetic employees. So which was it? My insurance seemed to be a pivotal point in my treatment. Jesus, the friendly tech, took the time to verify my insurance himself. The competition did not even let me “hold the puppy,” a strategy to let the customer try before they buy a product.

A simple phone call confirmed what I already knew: I could buy a pair of glasses for only a ten dollar co-pay. The competitor wouldn’t even take the time to show me his wares. Jesus facilitated a win-win situation. He and his colleague who helped me got the sale and I was a happy, satisfied customer.   I may not have the look of Fifth Avenue but I got just the glasses I wanted. The true value was the discovery of a business that values service, as well as business, from a Hispanic consumer. A satisfied customer had become a potential gold mine for referrals.

Ambiance is an essential part of the buying experience. The first retailer was chosen for convenience. Once the door swung shut behind me, however, I had a sense of stepping through a time warp. A sterile, impersonal environment with décor from decades past told the story of a dying business.

Utilitarian furniture, old glass display cases, and an unfriendly owner was my first clue I should have turned and ran. The owner was trying to come off as trendy and modern. Instead, the store looked like a Seventies Show rerun.   His locale only added to the problem. The over-priced frames did not reflect the consumer’s needs. I was shocked to see high priced frames that spoke “Galleria” demographics.

He was either stuck in time or in serious denial. Long gone are the days he could showcase Versace to a booming petrochemical town. Purchasing a pair of glasses from this retailer could have meant the price of a mortgage payment for a blue collar, working class family.

I didn’t even rate a blip on his radar screen with my “lousy” insurance. It was like a high noon showdown in the wild west. The owner took the first shot with his judgment of my insurance. I took the final, killer shot by thanking him and walking out. Another sale lost without any attempt to make a deal.

Now let’s look back on Texas State Optical (TSO). The initial impression when crossing their threshold was of a waiting area that was inviting and visually appealing. I was no longer the sole target of a scornful owner. Even with several other customers present, I was able to approach the counter and be immediately greeted .

Jesus took my information and invited me to have a look around while he verified my insurance. It was ironic that their shelves displayed some of the same brands carried by the competition. The location was within a few miles of their market opponent but they were light years ahead in the game.

Stylish frames ranged from very low cost and practical to the latest designer wares that could have impressed even the most discriminating buyer. Combine this with a friendly sales staff and you have a winning approach for the Hispanic market.

The pride and dedication with which Jesus did his job comes as a family tradition. A tradition passed on from his father, who has over a decade of experience as the top optician. He is the “go-to” man when in a pinch. No custom order is too difficult. TSO also is vested in reproducing quality.

Mr. Cardenas is the head trainer for this retail group of outlets. Jesus comes off as a typical, well-advantaged kid. Appearances can be deceiving. The young, assimilated Hispanic flawlessly delivers service with a smile and in your language of preference. The reality is, he and his family came to the United States from the city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

Mr. Cardenas was a physician in his native Mexico. His only guarantee in life in the United States was the belief that, if he worked hard, his children MAY enjoy a better lifestyle. I am certain that if the full story was told, you would have the content for a “novella” based on reality.

The days of doing odd jobs at the pizza parlor just to put food on the table are long gone. Mr. Cardenas has become another American success story thanks, in part, to an employer who values good work ethic, and dedication allowing employees opportunities to excel.

TSO enjoys a hefty increase in profits due to their commitment of not letting a customer leave unsatisfied. Price is seldom an issue. Their innovative business model allows customers to arrange flexible payment plans that won’t break the family budget.

They even took my “lousy” insurance! Need your glasses fast? Not to worry. Just ask Jesus about the story of a soldier about to be deployed. TSO went above and beyond the call of duty by getting this soldier his glasses in a few days. It is customary to wait as long as two weeks.

Jesus laughingly jokes. “We just wanted to make sure this defender could see what he was doing!” Is great customer service as simple as treating the customer as king, being creative, and innovative in meeting a customer’s financial needs? Jesus and his father would say yes. They have the advantage of working on the cutting edge of Hispanic marketing. This retailer keeps pace with the beat of the Latin rhythm.

Jesus demonstrates all that is right when a company focuses on quality sales experience. At his young age of twenty three, he has already performed a tour of duty with the United States Army. He knows the reality of being an “Army of One.” It certainly felt that way when he gave me a picture perfect buying experience.

Jesus will someday reach his dream of being a civil engineer. Meanwhile, this dynamic father and son team displays the best of what a creative company recognizes in service to the customer. My short trip up the street had more benefit than saving me from a cynical retailer who could have ruined my day. It allowed me to discover this hidden business gem in Pasadena.

Written by Victor Escalante

October 3, 2015 at 4:29 am

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Best Practices of Being a Talking Head on Radio and TV

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Radio and TV is sexy and it’s show business. I got my first radio break circa 1995,  when I was invited to be a guest on a radio show on KENS Radio, an am station in San Antonio. I prepared for this event like my whole life depended on it. Little did I know that in the years to follow it was just that, my life. For me, to be in a radio studio for the first time was the equivalent to a kid going to Disneyland for the first time.

This was a health show created and hosted by Allan Copeland. We eagerly waited for the news announcer to open the hour with news on the hour. Then he put the intro and gave us the signal that we were live on the air. I was nervous and excited at the same time. The host did the set up introducing me and then he asked me a question that was a soft pitch. What did I do and what was NLP. Since I was in my element the nervousness started to ease and we started to do the host guest dance on the air. I was hooked. This was heaven for me to have a large audience I could reach via this medium. 1004523_585038764893546_766265408_n

Towards the middle of the program we had callers start to call with questions. This was gold for the host because calls is a good indicator of the interest in the listeners. We reached the one hour time limit and the board operator ended with the outro, after the host signed off. Allan was gracious and he said we had to do it again, all I could think was when? But I did not want to be so eager beaver.

About a month later Allan called me to say he had gotten some good feedback from the station manager and he wanted me back. Needless to say I was elated. This invitation led to landing an offer to have my own show. I went on to produce and host 7 talk shows in 5 stations and two national networks. My last program was a health show where I interviewed physicians and covered interesting medical news. When I had a good guest the cabin was electrifying and the lines were all lit up with callers eager to ask questions or chime in on the discussion.

However, when I had a guest that was not dynamic, it was like pulling teeth on the air and a drag on the program. This led me to develop 18 best practices for doing great interviews on radio, although some of these also apply to TV. I took this a step further and rehearsed with new guests before going on the air. Here are the top 10 you can use if you are about to do a radio interview or if  you are a returning guest on a show. One tip I can give you as a former radio producer is, master these and you will stand out above others to be on a short list to be a guest or even be recommended to other shows on the same station. Welcome to show business my friends. Until next time, break a leg.

Best Practices to be a Guest on a Radio Talk Show

  1. Turn off cell phones
  2. Your mouth should be about 3-4 inches from the microphone.
  3. Always face the microphone, when you turn your face you fade out.
  4. The microphone is highly sensitive and will pick up any little noise; limit your tapping on the table, shuffling papers, clearing voice, coughing, etc.
  5. Determine if you want to give listeners a special offer for that day.
  6. View yourself as a co-host of the show. Make sure your energy and enthusiasm is up. Don’t sit back and wait for someone to ask you the right questions. Go ahead and volunteer information and try to shape the discussion in a way that will interest listeners and serve your purposes.
  7. If the host or a caller asks you a complex question that the answer is lengthy break it down into about a two-minute answer max. If you need more time to give a complete answer let the host ask you a follow up question.
  8. Be loose, relaxed and willing to laugh at yourself. In the words of a famous broadcaster, “Take what you do seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously.”
  9. Tell stories of past experience with clients or patients to illustrate a point.
  10. Make the audience feel the problem before you prescribe the cure. For example, suppose your expertise is cosmetic procedures. Don’t start to tell the audience what you do before you set up the problem. Remember this is radio! Talk about how in the past it was cost prohibitive to go to dermatologist due to insurance not covering cosmetic procedures. Give actual examples of how many people suffered the shame of some imperfection and how their self-esteem and career was affected.    The more you emphasize the pain or discomfort with you having the solution the better your chances are of getting new clients. Remember this is information marketing.

Written by Victor Escalante

October 3, 2015 at 2:25 am

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