What The Funk?

What really is the rush?

You can’t take care of anything from a deathbed, or a hospital bed. So, why then, is it such a challenge as humans to slow down and take care of ourselves?

There is a need to slow down in general. More importantly though, is the need to use the downtime on something self-filling. Self-care is the word of the day.

It’s where you place the importance. Where do you land on your list of priorities? Do this, pull out your to-do list (because I know you have one). Mental, mobile, calendar, planner, wherever you keep it. How many items are on it? Of those items how many are self-filling? How many fill your vibe meter so that you can function at your best. When you are low on vibe, everyone and everything suffers. Your health, household, relationships, work, and most of all, your soul. When you’re low on vibe you feel crushed, frustrated, defeated. I saw a graphic this morning that illustrated it nicely. It was an upward spiral and a downward spiral. The upward spiral was of gratitude, contentment, happiness, bliss, and love. The downward spiral was one of resentment, frustration, anxiety, depression, sadness, guilt, and fear.

Love is the answer.

Self-love and love towards everything in your orbit. I challenge you to this: Make a short list of 5 things that make you feel good. Things that make you sigh. It can be hugging your kids or spouse, a bubble bath, a walk in the park, exercise, or anything really. What are the things that make your day? The next time you feel tired, mentally and physically drained, and done with the day, recall your list. Do one or all the feel-good items on your list and recharge yourself. Take a day off to have lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in ages. You will feel most alive when you are feeding your soul.

This life is not about bills. It is not about work. Yes, a successful career is admirable. And in some cases, said career is overwhelmingly fulfilling. However, by taking care of yourself first, you increase the joy you can bring to others exponentially. You can only model happiness to your kids when you are truly happy. It can’t be faked. Read that again.

You can only teach your children to live a fulfilling life, nurturing their soul, by doing the same.

Does anything bad really happen if you say no to that outing with friends to stay home for a quiet evening? No, and you gain so much more for it.

Be part of the new normal! One of acceptance for putting Self first. Only then can we be at our best to give our best to those we love.