From Unvarnished to Shiny

If you’ve ever seen a very old piece of furniture or cabinets with layers of paint, you will relate to this post.

The beginning.

We were all born magnificent and depending on your personal beliefs, we are here for some higher purpose other than getting a job, paying bills, raising a family, and dying.

Everyone of us is like that piece of furniture that was authentic and beautiful with wood grain and imperfections that gave it character.

For protection the furniture builder put a sanding sealer that seeped into the wood to bloom the grain and prepare the surface for a stain and varnish. The finished product was beautiful to see and useful in its purpose.

The colorful journey.

Of course, that piece of home d├ęcor may journey from family to family and experience a transformation for the worse by being painted with prevalent colors of the era.

Expensive antique European furniture is often disguised as ugly, crudely painted furnishings, but to a trained expert, the real beauty and value is there all along. All one has to do, is apply paint stripper and little by little a hidden treasure begins to appear as the unsightly layers are peeled away.

The shedding of layers that hide the real nature.

I once did this process to a set of ash wood cabinets painted all white, in a home I purchased. The final look was a white wash stain showing the beautiful wood grain.

Coming full circle, you are the fine piece of furniture, your Creator is the furniture maker. Life, people, and circumstances painted you or distressed you (even that is a type of furniture finish) and masked over your true nature and beauty.

If you do nothing,– to others, you are just one old beaten up dresser or chair that has seen better days. If you strip away the pain preserving the life lessons, you return to your nature and you repurpose (pun intended) your life and pursue your destiny.

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