4 Steps to Shiny

What does it mean to be shiny? Well, shine attracts. Shine illuminates. Like a firefly attracts children to instinctively want to capture them simply to admire their being, shine elicits an innate interest in everyone you encounter. This is not something you have to try to do, but you can learn to become it. When you try, shine becomes forced like the overbearing person who doesn’t get your hints that you’re ready for them to stop talking to you.

Shine is natural. It is a pure essence.


Step 1.

Be Yourself.

As obvious as this step seems, to be yourself, you must know your self. Let me explain. Your true self is who you are at your most vulnerable moments. Not the you that keeps up with what everyone else is up to; or the you that pretends to be friends with that one person who secretly annoys you. Not the you that aims to please others. There are steps even to just being yourself, so we will move on and I will post about that later. For now, be authentic and true to yourself and your soul. If you have that tiny little feeling inside that something isn’t quite right, then its not.

Step 2.

Keep it Simple.

In all areas of your life, simplify. What truly makes you happy? Do that. What do you have too much of? Stress? Junk? Weight? Baggage? Shed it. By doing so, you are making room for more of your true self to shine. All our stressors in life weigh us down and dim our light. Whether you realize it or not, you look sad, tired, frustrated; dim. Simplify and let your natural self out to play.

Step 3.

Say no.

Say no and say it often. Create your criteria for what makes you happy and refuse to compromise. Accepting anything less than bliss is compromising your standards, thus, compromising your happiness. Happiness shines from the inside.

Step 4.

Say yes.

Wait a minute… “You said say no”. You read correctly. Say yes. Say yes to yourself. You are worthy and deserving of that which you’re thinking of. Knowing your worth is different from knowing you are worthy. You don’t have to know what you are worth. Do any of us? Knowing you are worthy is a feeling deep within yourself that you are here for a higher purpose. Shine has no bounds. The truer you are to your Self, the more fulfilling your life becomes. At the end of your life, your soul will ask of you, did you live your truth? How you answer will either be, “Yes, and it was a hell of a ride!”, or “No, I was too busy pleasing others.” The Universe leaves it up to you. So go out and shine on life’s darkness.

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