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Clear Your Emotions Change Your Relationships

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“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” Carl Jung

blog-aloneTo be human is to form emotional attachments to people, jobs, pets, situations, and material things. We are hardwired to do this and yet equally important is the “know how” to detach and let go of some past connections. Why is that? People and pets die, some relationships become toxic, some jobs we quit or we are fired, some situations we had our heart set on don’t pan out and we become enslaved to things.

What follows is one approach to intentionally disconnect and let go of any or all attachments that no longer serve you or you need to put closure due to death or a breakup. You are going to have a funeral for this so choose the location you wish to do it in. Some go to the beach at twilight, others go to a body of water such as a river or bayou, still others go to a cemetery or a park. If you are not sure, close your eyes and say in your mind each location and see which one your inner spirit chooses for you.

Next write out in handwriting a letter to that which you are detaching from. Start out by saying how you are feeling. Start out with the heaviest emotions such as anger or hurt and be specific about why you feel these. Next write out the feelings of regrets and fears you have, if you have any, moving forward. Conclude with thankfulness, forgiveness and love. That is the sum total of all the time, energy, and resources you spent into this relationship or job. You are left with memories and experiences and lessons for life. Some of these lessons may be yet to be discovered. Burn the letter in a metal pot. Put the ashes in a container to take to the location you selected in advance. On the way listen to music that you have associated to the person,  job, or situation. When you arrive visualize a peak experience you had with them. Thank them, release the ashes and visualize a departure that is natural for  you. Be aware of your feelings and be aware of how your inner spirit guides you in a gentle and natural way and process that is in alignment to your essence. You are free and open to new energy, relationships, opportunities, and choices. The positive memories always stay and these can be relived and savored at will.

Go home live the mystery of life!



Written by Victor Escalante

February 3, 2017 at 12:32 pm