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Use your Shtick to move the social media needle

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According to the Pareto principle twenty percent of people make things happen grabbing the gusto of success.  When it comes to social media marketing the actual percentile may be half of that.  Much closer to the actuary tables used by insurance companies. But before we get to those numbers the question that begs answering is why such a low figure and what proof is there?

The  short answer is successful people have shtick  and a proven strategy to stand out.  Webster defines shtick as, one’s special trait, interest, or activity.  Every single person has it but few ever really develop it to its full potential.

Larry King will go down in history as one of the most successful broadcasters in the history of radio and TV. He worked at developing his shtick by being passionate about broadcasting. But this came after he paid his dues. Early in his career he had an unstable work history being fired and even having a brush with the law.  Fearful of his creditors calling the radio station live on the air, he manged to keep them at bay long enough to turn things around. How did Larry rise from being a deadbeat to being a multi-million dollar brand?  

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Written by Victor Escalante

September 30, 2010 at 11:44 pm